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Rockwell RK7866

Product Name:Rockwell RK7866 Belt Disc Sander
Weight:41.4 pounds
Features:4.3 Amp heavy duty induction motor for dependable performance, Belt platform adjusts from 0 to 90 degrees for horizontal and vertical sanding,Quik-release belt tension lever for easy belt changes
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Rockwell RK7866 Belt Disc Sander Review


With a thoughtful design and precisely built to separate itself from its competitors. The Rockwell RK7866 sets itself apart from other belt sanders. This tool is designed for dependability and workplace performance. Whether it’s a simple task of finishing furniture, putting the perfect shine on a vehicle or removing rust, Rockwell tools have been designed to help you get the job done as quickly as possible. One important thing is to try and choose the right type of tool when it comes to belt sanders. Going through Rockwell RK7866 reviews and even customer testimonials will help you understand why Rockwell is the best.


ROCKWELL RK7866 Features Overview


The above tool is an excellent bench top belt sander that has been built or all wood and metal working purposes. Flexibility and ergonomics make the RK7866 a perfect tool for almost all related works. The following are some of its features.


    • Has aluminium work table with a dust port.
    • Enhanced mechanism adjustable belt tension.
    • Powerful HP motor
    • Overall height of 12.6 inches
    • Side to side dimensions of 10.6 inches
    • Weighs 45.1 pounds

Rockwell RK7866




Right from its looks, to the inner parts that build its reputation in metal and woodworking’s, the RK7866 has a solid construction. Unlike most machines in this category, Rockwell rk7866 is powered with 1/2HP motor that produces 1700 SFM belt speed and 3450 RPM disc speed. The motors power gives plenty of drive to help you get through any projects at hand. It’s a fact to say that this belt can easily handle 90% to 95 % of all finishing operations. The ability of the motor to run at 3450 RPM puts your mind at ease of its smooth performance.


With a 4-inch by a 36-inch belt, the sander works powerfully and effectively when it comes to your sanding jobs. The sander also features a simple belt tracking that enhances efficiency when it comes to working. The belt also changes easily and quickly making it easy to control the belt tension.


Its belt table can tilt up to 90 degrees while its cast aluminium disc table can make tilts of up to 45 degrees maximum. To ensure that all work is done perfectly and that the machines work without any failures, it is packed with 45-degree meter gauge, a belt sander and an Allen key.


Its soft grip is ergonomically designed, and the design enables tool-free pad changes. With a reasonable weight of 45.1pounds, this sander can be used for hours without becoming uncomfortable, and it is built to work as long as you need it to.

Its table is solidly made from aluminium which makes the sander extremely tough and reliable over the long haul. The toughness also enhances smoother operations. Unlike other models, the RK7866 comes with several goodies. For instance, easy removal of the back panel for swift belt changes and ability to use the belt in several angles when you need to do some sanding on contour workpieces.


This tool also has a variable speed feature that is very important in any sander machine. The variable speed feature makes the ROCKWELL RK7866 to be less aggressive, making it easier to do fine work with. This feature becomes handy when you want to work on a softer wood, where a momentary lack of attention can cost you hours of work.




This tool has the epitome of functionality and durability. Although it also has slight disadvantages, it is an excellent machine that blends performance, sturdiness and cost efficiency. The RK7866 also has versatile construction and can help you work on the following sanding jobs:


      • Smooth wood, metal and rough surfaces
      • Clean furniture by removing old paint and even varnishing
      • Quick belt changes
      • Variable speed trigger
      • Sand or sharp special angels and edges
      • Excellent customer care services




      • Noisy- Most sanders are typically noisy, and Rockwell rk7866 is not much less.
      • Belt problems- some customers have reported having issues with the belt, but overall the whole machine is great when maintained well.


Overall the ROCKWELL RK7866 is an excellently designed sander that can be used for fine finish sanding and other purposes that were mentioned earlier. It is one of the most popular models from ROCKWELL that has garnered praises when it comes to sanding jobs. Understand its power and also learn from other earlier users before you make up your mind.


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