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Product Name:PORTER-CABLE 371 2-1/2-Inch by 14-Inch Compact Belt Sander
Weight:6.6 pounds
Features:Textured rubber body grip provides comfortable non-slip surface,Flush side enables sanding up to perpendicular surface,Dust sealed, recessed switch offers accessibility while minimizing unintended turn-offs,Removable auxiliary handle offers better control when two-handed use is desired. Cord exit grip offers auxiliary gripping for various orientations
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PORTER-CABLE 371 Belt Sander Review


If you are in woodworking, cabinet installation, furniture making, repairs, trim work, remodeling and flooring, the Porter-Cable 371 belt sander will enable you one flush sanding on a vertical surface, one-handed use and a wide variety of other capabilities that would otherwise require large, cumbersome belt sanders. The Porter-Cable 371 is small and lightweight making it a perfect unit for transitions and repairs such as header strips and thresholds, edge work, countertop installation, and many other woodworking applications.


Textured Rubber Body

The Porter-Cable 371 has a textured, large rubber body grip for a comfortable non-slip surface. The sander allows its users the precise control their jobs demand. The sander gives you utmost comfort while working with it and ensures that you have total control to work with ease. You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy working with this tool. These features make every step super easy and comfortable.


Flush Side

The Porter-Cable 371 has a flush side that enables sanding up to a perpendicular surface. If you plan to work in tight spaces, you will find this feature helpful as it enables it to maneuver comfortably up to 90 degrees angle (perpendicular) thanks to its 2-1/2×14 inch compact belt and flush side. So, whatever you plan to do with this sander, you can be sure that the results will be perfect because it enables you to work from different angles thus giving your work a perfect finish.


Metal Components For Durability

This sander has metal components that provide durability, especially for professional applications. Once you make your purchase, you can be sure that it will serve you for a long time without a need for repair or parts replacements. The metal components give it a great durability that is essential for professional applications. It saves you money, energy, and time that could otherwise get wasted in repair times.


Dust Sealed, Recessed Switch.

The Porter-Cable 371 comes with added conveniences such as a removable anterior dust port plus a recessed switch that offers accessibility and minimizes accidental turn-offs. Thus, no matter the job, you will find this sander ideal because it gives you a smooth working moment. If it’s your first time with this type of a machine, you will have nothing to worry about because no unwanted switch offs and control is great.


120-Volt, 5Amp Motor

The Porter-Cable 371 belt sander has 5Amp motor making it a really powerful sander, perfect for various tasks that it’s meant to handle. But, too much power could be dangerous especially on a non-compact sander. However, this sander here works perfectly with this much power because it’s compact and its control is on point. You will find this power helpful especially when handling some tough tasks because it saves one time and energy while delivering great results.


Lightweight And Small Size

If you plan to work for long hours, having a lightweight tool makes all the difference. This sander here makes your sanding moments fatigue-free, no back aches or painful hand joints. Its small size and light components make it overall light and thus giving you the easiest moments while using it. Moving it around becomes so easy and also, it becomes so easy to control even with one hand.



  • The Porter-Cable 371 sander is very lightweight
  • The sander has plenty of power that makes working easy and quick
  • The sander has a removable auxiliary handle (it offers a better control if one prefers two-handed use)
  • Offers nearly dust-free sanding as one can hook it to a shop vacuum using its removable hose connect
  • Porter-Cable 371 has metal components that make it a one durable sander
  • It allows one to sand perpendicularly, and it’s small size thus reaching even the tightest points
  • The sander has fine balance that makes it perfect even for newbies



  • When used for long periods continuously, some portions of the chassis get hot but you can use some gloves to deal with the heat.


Final Verdict

Porter-Cable 371 is a perfect all around sander. It handles a variety of sanding tasks perfectly, and it’s durable, lightweight, powerful, and comfortable when working with it and easy to control. It’s an ideal sander for both experts and newbies. The only drawback while using the tool is that it tends to get hot with time, you can see this as expressed by most people in Porter-Cable 371 reviews. The cause of this is believed to be the fact that it’s a small package with a lot of power. Overall, the Porter-Cable 371 is a great sander and I would recommend it to anyone involved in any sanding activities.

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