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Makita 9903

Product Name:Makita 9903 8.8 Amp 3-Inch-by-21-Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander
Power:1010 watts
Weight:9.5 pounds
Features:Powerful 8.8 AMP motor; only 85dB, Auto-tracking belt system tracks belt without adjustment, Front grip design for comfortable operation,Dust bag for a cleaner work environment,Long 16.4 ft. power cord for easier maneuverability
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Makita 9903 Belt Sander Review


Makita 9903 is an excellent tool for anyone looking to splurge on their belt sander purchase. This tool is engineered for cabinetry and woodworking purposes, and it is also ideal for wood panels, closets, furniture’s and much more. Makita 9903 combines power and speed with other efficient features for better quality performance. Unlike other belt sanders, Makita produces less noise for fast and efficient stock removal. This machine is, in fact, the ideal choice for most carpenters, woodworkers, floor installers and even the deck builders.

Some of the compelling Features of Makita 9903 Include:

  • Double insulated with a front grip design
  • Quiet and efficient
  • Has a dust bag for cleaner work
  • Auto-tracking belt system with easy adjustments etc.


Makita 9903

Why Choose Makita 9903?


This 3-by-21 inch variable speed belt sander contains a powerful 8.8-amp motor that makes it a quiet and powerful belt sander in its class. Another added advantage of Makita is that it has a variable speed control that helps you to easily match the machine’s speed to what is required for your woodworking project. Makita has several features that enable you to perform small, medium or even large sanding jobs with ease. It has an auto tracking to help adjust the belt, and its ergonomics is quite incredible.


When it comes to belt sanders, most users consider weight. The heavier it is, the less the user has to press down while using it. Makita comes in at 9.5 pounds which make it heavy enough to be really helpful in the horizontal position. It’s also heavy enough to prevent any extended use in the vertical or upside down position. It has a small tracking dial that allows you to more accurately move the belt in various directions when necessary.


Its variable speed gives the user more control over the machine. For delicate work, one can use slower motion while faster speeds help to sand wood, metal or removing rust and paint. These features make it easy to sand with greater detail compared to its competitors.


Makita also has a unique 16’ cord feature that works conveniently for most users. This flexible cord allows you to finish projects in a large space without having to change or switch the outlets. The portable belt sander has the potential of operating only on 84 decibels making it an extremely quiet tool.


It has simple belts that are easy to change out by pressing a lever. The machine also has a cloth dust bag that collects the dust it produces without clogging, even when different grits of sandpaper is used. This makes the working area easy to clean when the work is done.


The 9903 dust bag has a plastic clip that slides on and off the bottom edge. The idea of using a clip is because it is less likely to clog and jam than a zipper. However, the clipper can sometimes can be caught on the edge of the workpiece and slide off.


When put through its paces, Makita 9903 runs smoothly and easily tracks its belt evenly. It has a better working adjustment knob compared to the 3X21 s. Its power delivery is also excellent thanks to its motor.


The 9903 also has a flush sanding feature and can be used as a contour or curve sander thanks to its rounded nose. For instance, you can use the sander to gouge out a curve in a flat wood surface. Makita 9903 is marginally usable as a contour sander. Although the lip of the sander is far from the nose of the belt, it still works pretty well.


While this machine has an unimpressively standard design, it brings some unique features to the table that very few machines of its kind have brought. The Makita 9903 combines a high-end motor with very quiet performance. Makita tools deliver precision, accuracy and capacity to woodworkers. Being accompany with a great reputation and advancement in a full range of tools. Makita has several tools that can suit your needs right from Sanders to nailers and drills.


The Makita 9903 is wonderful belt sander that has gained popularity for the last few years. It is also highly recommended for anyone from professional woodworkers to common users. Its quality is worth the price and its durability is unquestionable. If you need a machine that can do the work perfectly, you need to read more about Makita 9903 reviews.

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