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Hitachi SB8V2

Product Name:Hitachi SB8V2 9.0 Amp 3-Inch-by-21-Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander with Trigger Lock and Soft Grip Handles
Weight:9.5 pounds
Features:Variable speed dial adjusts speed from 820-1,475 ft/min for improved manageability during any operation
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Hitachi SB8V2 Belt Sander Review


Are you looking for a powerful, lightweight, durable and affordable belt sander that’s efficient in smoothing out wood and metal surfaces, as well as paint stripping? Then you may want to consider the Hitachi SB8V2 Belt Sander. This 3-Inch by 21-Inch belt sander comes with several useful features including a robust and powerful 9 Amp motor, which allows you to tackle even the toughest sanding jobs with ease.


The motor gets the belt moving at speeds as high as 1475 ft/min, which could actually be too powerful for certain applications. Luckily, Hitachi saw it wise to include a variable speed dial to help you adjust the speed to as low as 820ft/min to improve manageability during any operation. And in case something goes wrong, Hitachi offers a 5-year limited warranty on this tool, which shows just how confident they’re in the quality of their product. Find out more about this product in this comprehensive Hitachi SB8V2 Belt Sander Review.




Variable Speed Dial


The SB8V2 features a powerful 9 Amp (1020-Watt) motor, which makes wood, metal and paint removal a breeze. The motor easily gets the belt moving at speeds of 820-1475 feet per minute. Thankfully, Hitachi has included a variable speed dial to help you switch between different speeds, so you don’t end up damaging softer materials.


Hitachi SB8V2


It may interest you to know that you’ll be able to adjust the speed using your pinky finger without removing your hands from the sander, thanks to the variable speed switch location. This means you don’t have to stop what you’re working on to switch speeds.


Soft Elastomer Grip Surface


Unlike others sanders in its class, the SB8V2 has a soft grip on its auxiliary and main handles, which provides a comfortable hold and reduces vibration on your hands during sanding. This, in turn, reduces your chances of developing fatigue while working.


Tracking Window


Another unique feature of this tool is its transparent, front tracking window which allows you to view your project as you work and makes it easier to manage and control the sander. With increased visibility, you’ll be able to know how well and how much you’ve sanded without going overboard.


Left-Mounted Dust Collection Bag


This sander also comes with a built-in dust collection system with a removable cloth dust bag, which improves corner sanding tasks, while reducing air-borne particles to keep your working area clean.


Wear-Resistant V-Belt


Hitachi SB8V2 Belt Sander was designed with durability in mind. Its service life is 2 times longer than other ordinary belt standers, thanks to its V-belt which is wear resistant.


Trigger Lock


This tool also comes with a pistol-type trigger lock in the form of an on/off switch, which is placed at a 45-degree angle, to make it easier for you to apply pressure as you push the sander forward.




Very Efficient and Versatile –The strong and robust 9 Amp motor is powerful enough to handle the toughest of sanding tasks with ease. The sander is ideal for steel, wood and paint removal.


Lightweight – At 9.5 pounds, SB8V2 is heavy enough so don’t need to exert any additional pressure to do a quick sanding job. At the same time, it’s lightweight enough to be used comfortably on vertical surfaces for short periods of time.


User-Friendly – The sander also has many user-friendly features which make it effortless and enjoyable to use. For instance, the location of the variable speed dial enables you to switch between different speeds without stopping operations. It also comes with a push lever, which makes the process of replacing the sanding belts way much easier compared to other models.


Durable – The sander is designed to last twice as long as the other models in its class, thanks to its wear-resistant V-belt.


Saves Money – Besides being inexpensive, SB8V2 comes with a 5-year limited warranty from the date of its purchase, which helps to save money on maintenance.




The main shortcoming of this belt sander that has been raised by some customers on Amazon is the placement of the motor on its left hand side, which is causing balance issues. Also, some customers wished that it came with a case for easy storage.


Overall, Hitachi SB8V2 Belt Sander is a great tool for anyone looking for a professional-grade, powerful machine that can last for a very long time. Its light body weight and features such as clear front tracking window, make it easier and enjoyable to use compared to other models. It’s definitely worth considering.

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