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Genesis GBS321A

Product Name:Genesis GBS321A 3-Inch-by-21-Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander
Weight:8.9 pounds
Features:Low Profile Design gets into tight spots,Single Lever Quick-Change Belt Change,Variable Speed for incredible versatility,Adjustable Front Handle for Comfort and Control
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Genesis GBS321A Belt Sander Review


A woodworkers set of tools would not be complete without an effective belt sander. The fine finish on many wood projects, from cupboards to furniture and remodeling ideas, must be achieved as a final step before staining and varnishing or painting. The definition of good work is to have a smooth, splinter-free and glossy finish on any woodworker’s project. Having a quality, portable belt sander to do these very important tasks is imperative for your quality of workmanship to show through. The Genesis GBS321A is a powerful, compact machine that will show the effort you put into your work and make your pride of workmanship shine. This Genesis GBS321A review will help you understand why most customers and woodworkers opt for it.



GENESIS GBS321A Features Overview

  • Low profile design
  • Quick-change belt with a single lever
  • Variable speed for incredible versatility
  • Flat-side for easy tight, flush sanding
  • Adjustable front handles for comfort and control


It is important that your finishing sander is convenient and easy to use. The Genesis 3×21 inch belt sander combines power and versatility with ease-of-use features and less noise for fast and efficient stock removal. It features a small belt and concise design for finish work or fine carpentry or furniture projects.

With a single lever quick-change belt change, the belt and exposed lever ensures an accurate and precise ability to get into confined spaces and difficult angles to reach. This machine is easy to handle, and its maneuverable body is lightweight, weighing only 8.9 pounds. Its weight makes it perfect for alleviating user strain when working for long hours.




It has a flat side for easy tight and flush sanding. Its side handle can also be re-positioned to allow the user to change the location when necessary. It is ergonomical and allows users to enjoy working and lessens fatigue.

Genesis GBS321A also features a powerful 8.0 AMP motor which allows power to be integrated into a compact, maneuverable design. It is easy to manage continuously without having any troubles. Its design and electronic speed control ensures that the speed is under load. With long tool life and smooth regulated operations, the GBS321A can offer hours of outstanding performance.

What makes the GBS321A an excellent choice?

  • The best part about all Genesis machines is that they have an easy to handle design. The GBS321A ergonomics is excellent and can allow you to reach out tight spots.
  • Unlike most machines, this tool is specifically designed for carpenters, woodworkers, floor installers, general contractors and deck builders who need an excellent belt sander with predictable results.
  • This belt sander is easy to handle. In most cases, sanding projects require the user to reach easily to tight spots and Genesis GBS321A can offer that.
  • Any user can change the belt using a quick single lever.
  • You can change the speed and even moderate it to suit your needs. Its versatility is top notch compared to other belt sanders.
  • The machine can easily be used for hours at the users comfort for hours. The front handle can also be adjusted according to user convenience, and it also provides greater comfort and control.
  • Its lightweight nature makes it a wonderful machine that can do hours of a job without breaking you down thanks to its well-structured body and consistent working ability.
  • It has an affordable price that can suit any user with the motive to buy.


Just like any other machine, the GBS321A has its downfalls. The manufacturer of this machine doesn’t offer the product in any kind of casing or package. This makes the storage and even carrying hectic when it comes to the user side.


Additionally, the GBS321A model has a low-quality dust collection bag when compared to other machines in its category. However, you can replace the bag in case you don’t like it. Remember! The power and versatility it gives is worth to go for than rejecting it because of the bag.


Overall, GENESIS GBS321A belt sander is the best compact sander you can find for the fine, detailed finishing woodworking jobs you will be doing. Its ease of use is never compromised and the power it also gives backs up the machine to a different category. Unlike most machines, you will find comfort and maneuverability in a small, manageable belt sander like the GBS321A.


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