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Black & Decker BR318

Product Name:Black & Decker BR318 3-Inch by 18-Inch Low Profile Belt Sander
Brand:Black & Decker
Weight:3.6 pounds
Features:Comfortable front handle design,Easy to empty dust bag,Sands 2-times closer to the edge of adjoining surfaces,13% more narrow than most competitors,Fits into tight spaces
Black & Decker BR318
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Black & Decker BR318 Belt Sander Review

If you love woodworking and especially the DIY kind of tasks, then you will love Black & Decker BR318. It makes the whole difference between enjoyable woodworking and tiring woodworking. Its design, features and price are all combined to give you a perfect belt sander. You will enjoy working with is just as other customers from Black & Decker BR318 Reviews have expressed their satisfaction. No sweating, backache or muscle fatigue as this belt sander gives you a smooth woodworking experience.


Here are some of the features making this product ideal for your woodwork tasks:


  • Comfortable Handy Design

Black & Decker BR318 has been designed to use in hand. It is lightweight compared to any other belt sander products as it weighs only 3.6 pounds. The particular compact and light component offers a manageable application for users. You can use it in any position, anywhere and at any time without experiencing hand fatigue.

Additionally, its comfortable handle design enables you to control it easily to whichever direction while sanding the surfaces and keeping it stable on the surface.


  • Usable In Tight Spaces

Black & Decker BR318 has been built with 3” by 18” belt, which is the popular size for any sanding job. However, unlike other competitors, this particular belt sander has an angled belt shape that is 13% narrower than other belt sanders. With this smaller front roller, you can get your sander closer to the materials’ surfaces to make more contact that will enable you to sand the surfaces and the edges more professionally.


  • Auto-Tracking System

With automatic belt tracking, Black & Decker BR318 enables you to maintain the sander belt’s alignment accurately. You won’t have to control your belt manually during the entire sanding process. This makes your sanding finish more accurate and also keeps your belt sander flattened and strong.

Being able to keep the belt sander flat while sanding the surfaces is necessary to avoid making dents or grooves on the material in the process of sanding. That’s why an automatic belt tracking is more preferable.


  • 6 Amp Motor

This belt sander’s motor comes in medium strength, 6 Amp, which makes it ideal to work on small projects such as old paint removing, woodworking and finish sanding. However, Black & Decker BR318 may not give you perfect results when used on rough or hardwood surfaces. Therefore, if you don’t sand often, it will be ideal for you but if you intend to frequent sanding, you can consider other stronger products.


  • Dust Bag Attachment

The importance of a dust bag when it comes to belt sanders cannot be overlooked. Sawdust can get really messy and even threaten your health. It also consumes a lot of time and energy trying to clean it up after sanding, and this is the main reason most people dislike sanding jobs. However, Black & Decker BR318 has a dust bag/collector that ensures that your work and working area is all clean while protecting you from any sawdust side effects. The bag slides on and off easily while staying in place as it should.


  • Plastic Body/Lightweight

If you plan on sanding for a few hours, then you will definitely need a lightweight belt sander to make the whole process easy and fatigue-free. With a plastic body, Black & Decker BR318 is very lightweight and gives you an easy time sanding the surfaces. No sweating, no backache and no blisters. Just an enjoyable sanding moment.



  • Easy Handling- two things makes Black & Decker BR318 easy to handle; lightweight and its design. You don’t strain your muscles while sanding the surfaces and carrying it around is not a problem.


  • The dust bag- with Black & Decker BR318, you leave your working area as clean as you found it.




  • Limited work capacity- because of its plastic body and small size, this belt sander cannot be used on large woodwork projects. However, the product is ideal for smaller projects and lasts longer with proper maintenance.




Black & Decker BR318 is ideal for any mini woodwork projects. You can expect a very good finishing from the shaping of the wood to leveling of the surfaces. The tool is small but strong enough for any of your sanding tasks. The pricing is perfect for its performance, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who enjoys smooth sanding. For more information on other people’s experience with the product, check Black & Decker BR318 Reviews.

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