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In case you are having DIY project and you don’t have a lot of money to spend in acquiring that highly rated expensive belt sander, there are many alternatives available at very cheap price. When deciding to buy a belt one of the factors you ought to consider is your budget. After checking your budget you can now choose the best belt sander that we will be suitable for your purpose. They a lot of high quality cheap belt sanders available in the market. I guess when we talk about cheap it means we are talking about something that will go for less than $100.There is a lot of misconception about cheap electronic equipment some even been mistaken as fake. To be on the safe side you check for all features that a belt is suppose to have. To select a cheap belt sander look if it has the following.


1. A dust collection system-that contains a dust bag that is able to collect all the sawdust being produced

2. A good belt tracking system-which is good enough to always keep the belt in line.

3. A fine pistol handle grip-to enable easy and convenient handling of the machine.

4 .Also consider the weight of the machine-considering the purpose weight can determine on what machine you are acquire, if you are to hold the machine in vertical position you will end up choosing lighter machine




1. Black and Decker DS321 Dragster


Definitely without questioning the Black and Decker DS321 Dragster obtains the first slot in this amazing list. The DS321 is the best selling product among all portable belt sanders on Amazon. Many customers have given positive and encouraging reviews on this product. Today we have decided to take a look on the factors that makes this product successful.


*First it is very affordable, there is no neck breaking budget needed to acquire it. With less than $100 you can become the owner of this machine and be sure you will be happy.


Black & Decker DS321 Dragster

*It has a 3″x21″ belt size which is equally enough for any sanding project.


*It also has a creative and innovative design feature that comes very handy especially when doing sanding project with tight and curling corners.


*The DS321 Dragster is very light, it only weighs 6.5 pounds.


2. Black and Decker BR318


This is another cheap machine from Black and Decker. The BR318 champions the Black and Decker brand on the cheap belt sander category. This machine has standard and very good features.


*The BR318 has a 6 amp motor which is perfect enough for a machine that only cost $47.


Reconditioned Ridgid ZRR2740


*It also comes with a 3″x18″ sanding belt, the belt has an auto-tracking system.


*It is very light with a standard weight of 3.6 pounds.


*The BR318 is compact and has a very comfortable front handle enabling the machine to reach into tight and tougher areas during sanding.


*A dust collection system is also featured in this machine.


Cashing out $47 for the BR318 will be a nice choice for you.



3.Reconditioned Ridgid ZRR2740


When it comes to buy cheap electrical equipments many people are afraid because what comes to the mind of many is that electrical tools can’t be cheap. Cheap electrical tools are mistaken to be low-quality and not durable.


The Reconditioned Ridgid ZRR2740 belt sander has proven this myth wrong. For only less than $100 you get durability and high performance with this machine.


*The ZRR2740 is equipped with double fan- one is for cooling the motor and the other one collects all the sawdust that is created during sanding. This feature helps in safeguarding the user health condition.


 Reconditioned Ridgid ZRR2740

*It also features automatic belt tracking which keep the belt in line every time and also help in balancing materials as they pass through.


*The Ridgid ZRR2740 is very flexible making it convenient enough to be used everywhere


4. SKIL 7510-01 Sandcat


This sander comes with a creative dust collection and a unique pressure control system. The SKIL 7510-01 provides great performance and better experience in sanding.


*The special pressure control technology is so sophisticated enough that even alerts users if they are using too much pressure. This prevents the machine from chewing up the surface being sanded.


SKIL 7510-01 Sandcat


*The dust collection system features a plastic container with filter that collects the sawdust that is being produced while the user is sanding. This feature beats the cloth dust bag used in on other belt sanders.


*Also auto belt tracking system is feature in the 7510-01.This helps in keeping the belt in line without tracking.




This machine is very flexible and compact belt sander for handling light sanding project and for even sanding curl and sharp edges.


*It has suitable size as well as fair enough power that produces 2 by 14 inches size. With 5 amp motor on board you can handle this machine comfortably. You cannot ruin your stock while using this tool because it has the best power control.



*The Porter Cable 371 has a metallic body this helps to achieve durability and avoid frequent breakage. This machine can be used years after years without facing wear and tear.


*It has compact design of easy handling and for convenient sanding with all kind of surfaces.


Final Thoughts 


From what we have seen on the above cheap does not necessarily mean poor quality. The above well discussed belt sanders are very good and they also offer a great sanding experience. All in all cheap products come with their own disadvantages they may a lack a little bit of technicality here and there. So when deciding on which belt sander to buy among the cheap belt sanders you must be careful and go for the best.


As buyer trying to purchase a cheap product you must put your evaluation skill into test. You should always be realistic and honest with yourself especially where you don’t have enough to spend.


I hope I have highlighted the best cheap belt sanders from my above list.


You can go for any of the above mention sanders you won’t be disappointed because they are tested products. Happy shopping and I wish you all the best.Thanks for reading this post.


Cheap Belt Sanders Which is less than $100

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