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Porter Cable

Porter Cable


Most of us have seen belt sanders that are made of hard plastic that is not as strong as the porter cable belt sander. The porter-cable belt sander stands out from the rest owing to its sturdy, all-metal form which makes it withstand the elements. Besides, it features a solid exterior that makes the porter-cable belt sander difficult to damage.

What is more? The metal sander regulates the heat generated by the sanding belt, thus, it keeps the machine comparably cool and ensures it does not overheat.

Besides the obvious features, it has many other capabilities that make it versatile as well as accurate for the different sanding projects. It has a powerful motor designed for industrial sanding. It can also be used for intricate woodwork projects such as sanding cabinets.

Its variable speed dial allows you to suit the machine’s speed to the kind of work you are working on. In addition, it features a flexible belt tracking knob, a quick-release belt shift lever, and an aluminum oxide belt which augment the machine’s preciseness and ease of use.

Some customers are distraught with other belt sanders because of their small dust bags that fill up quickly. It might be good news for you to learn that this Porter-cable sander has extra-large dust bags that take a long time before filling up- and that of course translates to less work as you won’t have to change the dust bag frequently.

Don’t you want a flexible sander that allows you to sand corners and on edges easily? Well, the dust bag mentioned above can rotate up to 360 degrees to allow you do just that!

With a steady drive belt and a gear system that meshes well, the unit is among the few quieter sanders. It has good balance thanks to its motor being located on the platen. Moreover, the unit is not very heavy or very light- a feature that makes it a firm but versatile sander.

The belt features an 8-feet cord that gives you convenience in your sanding projects.

Probably one of the few drawbacks of the Porter-cable belt sander is its less-thought-out cable placement. Most users lament that they have to hold the cable from the way whenever they are sanding. Having to worry about an improperly placed cord is not good as you’ll need to focus and work on the task at hand without having to worry about some things- like a cable getting on the way.

When you are sanding, all you must do is to glide the sander back and forth with very minimal effort thanks to their powerful motors. The fact that this sander features easily adjustable speeds, as well as a solid design, means that the porter cable belt sander can deliver great control and stability. It comes with a mechanism for replacing the belts easily so that you can spend much less time switching grits; time which you will spend in finishing the project at hand. Without a doubt, this is one of the best sanders you can get for your woodworking projects.



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