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Black & Decker

Black & Decker


Black & Decker sanders are available in various models which have their own pros and cons. These sanders can be used vertical surfaces to smoother them in a versatile manner. All of the sanders produced and marketed by Black and Decker have their individual features and working conditions to provide maximum control and comfort to the users. They can be used for removing various types of coatings including varnish and paints from the walls and doors and they are made to reach where other sanders may not reach easily.

Guarantee of Black & Decker sanders

The company guarantees to replace and repair all the defective parts of its products subject to genuine wear and tear, within 24 months or two years from the date of purchase, if any of its products found defective due to lack of conformity of faulty materials. They ensure to provide minimum inconvenience to their customers in this regard unless the product is not used for the purpose of professional hiring or trading. The product should neither be neglected nor misused or damaged by accident with any foreign object or substance. This is a very important point and one should keep it in mind always.

Reputation of black & Decker

Black & Decker is in this business since more than 80 years. They have earned reputation in designing, engineering and producing tough machineries for domestic use. A wide variety of tools offered by the company to their end users according to their needs is another base of its high reputation in this field.

Review of some of the Black & Decker sanders

BLACK&DECKER KA300 135W 1/3 Sheet Sander

This lightweight sander can be used n various ways for finish various types of flat surfaces like walls, doors and tables. Its large third sheet base helps in finishing the work quickly as it tackles larger surface area than other sanders of this category.

Other features of KA300 Black & Decker sander

Versatile use for sanding various types of surfaces

It is two metre long cable allows you to move freely around the object while working on it

Easy to use as its sanding paper can be fitted and removed easily with clip paper attachment fitted in it to hold the sanding paper

Ergonomic design with two handles in rear and front provide maximum control and comfort to the users.

Black and Decker DS321 Dragster Belt Sander

It is a low cost hand held sander for the people with low budget. It is ideal for finish the work quickly due to its long belt, high belt speed and strong motor. It can be used occasionally for small household jobs, especially while sanding at narrow spaces where heavy sanders cannot reach. This sander is easily manageable due to its compact and lightweight structure while using at narrow and difficult to reach places. It can be controlled more accurately while using at smaller areas.

Thus all the models of Black & Decker sanders are the best options to be used for domestic purposes only.



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