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3×21 belt sander

3×21 belt sander


3×21 belt sander is a great tool to sand any hard surface out there. However, you need to get the best 3×21 belt sander so that you can get the most bang for your buck. We are going to write about some of the things you need to look at before buying these types of items, so read on.


The powerful sander you choose must be capable of removing the toughest material in any application out there. In fact, the belt sander should remove paint, steel and wood in no time giving you the long-lasting performance you want. Furthermore, the unit should live 2x longer any other belt sanders.You will improve your corner sanding as the machine should have a dust bag at the left side.

Clean Work Area

The machine should allow you to keep your jobsite clean as its collection bag should work hard to reduce any airborne particle. In addition, the device should have a warranty that covers both workmanship and product defects. With a stable tracker that requires only some tweaks from time to time, the machine should be awesome. There should be also a handy lever that you can use to replace belts quite easily. In addition, this belt sander should be very well balanced and easy to control. You will be able to pull its lever back or move it forward quite easily. This process is very easy to do as well as quick and simple. Though the weight balance might be better, the machine should be quite good overall. And be careful to see that the belt is flat to a surface.

Fast Performance

This sander should remove tons of material quickly and easily. In addition, the device should be sold at an affordble price. Being a 3×21 sander, the machine should be easier to maneuver than its 4-incher counterparts. And controlling the machine should be a cinch. Remember that the device should have plenty of power and be very well built as well. Furthermore, the item should have been made to last so you could get tons of service down the road. The sanding belt should slide from side-to-side just to adapt to the useful rollers, which is a nice feature after all.

Superb Design

The sander should have an outstanding, beautiful design too. The machine should have been made of high quality materials as well. The result? A powerful yet easy-to-use belt sander that you will adore right away. The placement of the cord should be very useful. The item should also feature variable speed control, which adds to its maneuverability. The item should be the industrial-quality tool that you have been looking for. You should have no problems with the balance, which is something rather common in some belt sanders out there. You should love de design of the belt sander as well as its long-lasting performance. And the tension release handle should be present too.

Long-lasting Sander

The sander’s belt tracking adjustment should be right, and not too sensitive. The quality of the sander should be also great, and that’s what you have to expect in any tool. With a smooth running as well as a well-balanced performance, the belt sander should just stand out. The kind of customer service that you should get from the company should be awesome. Changing belts should be a child’s play and making adjustments should be very easy too. The belt installation level should be the best part that you could find in this effective machine.

Specifications The Sander Should Have

– Variable speed dial.
– Soft grip surface.
– Tracking window for improved visibility.
– Wear-resistant V-belt.

Pros The Machine Should Have

– The sander should perform well even if you push hard for many hours of on-going work.
– The tool should not feel unbalanced or overly heavy at all.
– You willshould be able to change the sand paper quite easily.
– The machine should adjust the tracking once for every session.
– The belt alignment should be excellent and the same should be true for the dust collection.


We have talked about some of the things you need to look at when choosing a belt sander. This machine is very useful but you must know what you are doing so that you can get the most bang for your buck. The machine should be wear-resistant and easy to handle.

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